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Litigation. Mediation. Arbitration. Contracts. Licensing. Building Code. Commercial Tenant Eviction. Construction Defect Claims. Delay. Mechanic's Liens. Suretyship. OSHA. Government contracts. Condo and HOA Construction Disputes.


You're not getting paid for your work. The project is late. The concrete is cracking. If you can't settle the case, you'll need to file a lawsuit.


Let's put it in writing. If you don't, someone else will decide what your contract says.


I am certified to mediate cases in South Carolina circuit court and North Carolina superior court. Mediation is the default ADR process in the superior civil courts in North and South Carolina.

What is Construction Law?

What do I do? In short, I represent owners, architects, contractors, and subcontractors in disputes over quality of work or someone not getting paid for work on a construction project. Construction lawyers draft and negotiate construction contracts, try cases involving construction projects in court, counsel construction companies on employment and labor issues, and defend businesses […]